The East African Ambulance Project was founded in 2009 by NJ EMT Michael Carr after he visited medical clinics, dispensaries and hospitals in East Africa.Our goal is to purchase ambulances for medical service providers in rural East Africa. 

Ambulance for Ambulatory Care 
In countries with developed transportation and medical infrastructure, such as the United States, ambulances serve as emergency transportation for injured or sick people to hospitals. In a rural African setting, ambulances can serve this role in addition to providing:
primary preventative care
pre and post-natal care
geriatric care 

East Africa Ambulance Project is recognized under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Effective Date of Exemption: 10 September 2009
Sr. Jacinta working the blood 
chemistry analyzer.
Benedictine Sisters at a 
mobile clinic site.
A dirt road leading down to 
the Kerio Valley.
EAAP's first ambulance purchase.